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Nothnagle agents average a 10% higher "actual split." Our company-paid and company-supported tools and services will decrease your monthly expenses and increases your business -- with more time to spend on selling homes and getting listings. The result? More take home pay in your pocket.

Every office has a unique mix of agents, but our productivity is top notch. In the 2009 REALTOR Magazine Top 100 report, Nothnagle agents ranked #3 nationally and #1 in New York State for average number of transactions per agent. Let us show you how our tools, systems, and superior lead generation can help you grow your business.

No real estate company does more than Nothnagle to provide our agents with leads. In the past 12 months, Nothnagle has delivered an average of 96 leads per agent. not only shows all Nothnagle properties, it also shows most properties that are listed with our competitors. Since our web site is the most popular real estate web site in the region, we attract the most inquiries -- both for properties listed by Nothnagle and ones listed by someone else. In addition, over 50,000 more leads came in through our 4-SALE LINE and text messaging. All leads are delivered direct to our agents. And with LeadsNOW, agents get a system to manage, track and organize their leads.

To reach potential buyers, it's important to utilize multiple advertising options to be successful. A recent study by Google proved that print ads drive web traffic. In fact, 67% of people who see a print advertisement will go online to find out more.

That's why Nothnagle has a company-paid advertising program that invests over $1 million in print advertising each year. Most other real estate companies require their agents to pay 100% of the ad cost and that can influence whether they invest in advertising your property.

Guaranteed Print Advertising exclusively from Nothnagle:

  • In Rochester, the Gallery of Homes insert in the Saturday D&C reaches an average of 370,000 readers -- more than any area real estate web site reaches in a day.
  • Nothnagle Guaranteed Print Advertising extends to other newspapers appropriate to your region and location of your home.
  • Your Nothnagle agent will create the most compelling print ads possible, maximizing demand and increasing traffic to your open house.

IT'S TRUE: print advertising costs money. But that's no reason not to offer it. With Nothnagle's Guaranteed Print Advertising, you are guaranteed one of the most powerful ways of reaching motivated home buyers.

The Showcase of Homes still produces tremendous results for our agents. For example, Nothnagle Open Houses enjoy 100% more attendance from potential buyers who have already seen the home on TV.

We believe training is an essential element to the growth of an agent's business. We provide intensive training and coaching programs to our new agents, while offering a comprehensive course catalog to our more experienced agents allowing them to remain ahead of the curve on relevant topics, issues and industry trends. And our training programs are offered FREE to our agents! Online training is now available so you never have to leave your office.

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